a fresh start - 1st sunday lent B 2018

Last Thursday I was invited by a group to talk about fasting and I gave them 4 reasons.  Today in connection with our gospel I would like to share the fourth reason why we fast.  So why do we fast?  So that I can know myself better. When you take seriously your fasting kis-a nagatakaw-takaw man kita, indi bala?May upod ako anay sa parokya nga palakaon nga pari.Sang time sang fasting, sang nagapamahaw kami apat gid ka pandesal ang kinaon niya.Wala sia kabalo gina-isip sang parish priest ang iya ginakaon.Gani namunuhan sia, Father, siling sang parish priest, puasa bala subong.Siling sang pari, Msgr. tunga man lang subong ang ginakaon ko.

pray, fast, give alms - ash wednesday 2018

Today with Ash Wednesday we start our 40-day preparation for the celebration of the Paschal Triduum – the paschal triduum is the highest feast celebrated from Holy Thursday and Good Friday to Black Saturday, to Easter Sunday.  Celebrating the anniversary of the paschal triduum allows us to renew its power and effect in our lives.  Jesus died 2000 years ago but every time we celebrate it in its anniversary its effects are renewed in our lives. And so, to prepare for this renewal, the church gives us 40 days beginning today and asks us to do specifically 3 things.To pray, to fast, and to do almsgiving.

unleavened - 6th week tuesday 2018

The disciples of Jesus find it difficult to understand what Jesus was saying.  Jesus was talking about the leaven of the Pharisees and the Herodians.  What is this leaven?  Jews at the time of Jesus believe that leaven or yeast though it makes the bread rise actually corrupts the bread.  Yeast is a fungus that feeds on the dough causing it to rise when they release carbon dioxide.  Pareho ini sia sa mga molds sa cheese nga in a sense nagapapan-os sa iya kag at the same time nagahatag sini sang sabor.

silence - 5th week friday 2018

One cannot speak when one cannot hear.  That is why deaf mutes are deaf first before they become mute.  They cannot speak because they cannot hear. Today we are reminded of the primacy of hearing over speaking. That is why today we have a lot of people speaking, a lot of people talking without depth, without content, without real substance.Just words, just noise, just clutter.

looking and sounding religious - 5th week tuesday 2018

Many of the laws observed by the Jews in Jesus’ time were somehow either an over-extension or a distortion of the original law.  For example the law of washing of hands.  Originally this was prescribed only for levites or for priests – that they wash their hands before offering the sacrifice to God.  The Jews however extended this law of washing hands before every meal so that they can give the meal also a religious significance.  So, that’s where this practice came from and began to be scrupulously observed.

a sense of purpose greater than yourself - 5th sunday B 2018

Job in today’s first reading describes his life as a struggle.  He compares life with service in the military, a drudgery, he says.Life is a warfare, a combat, an engagement in the battlefield, where the struggle to survive is intense and each man has to fight to endure. Then Job jumps to another comparison.Our life can also become like the life lived by a hireling, Job says, a slave who has to labor each day longing for the shade and for rest from time to time, and a life where waiting for his wages is the only impetus and the only excitement.

lord, please light our candles - candelaria fiesta 2018

Sa masami nagakadto kita diri sa Jaro ilabi na gid sa piesta ni Candelaria sa pagsimba, sa pagduaw sa aton Mahal nga Iloy, sa pagbakal sang perdon nga dal-on naton pauli, kag sa pagsindi sang kandila.  Nagasiling kita, masindi ako sang kandila sa Candelaria.  Apang tuloka ninyo karon ang nasulat sa guwa sang Chapel of Lights kon sa diin ikaw magasindi sang imo kandila.  Makita mo ang nasulat nga dinalan gikan sa Salmo 18 nga nagasiling"For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness."Sa salmo we are not lighting our candles for God or for Mary.Instead we are asking God to light our candles so that it will enlighten us in our darkness. And so we ask, what is light?What is darkness?

loving you family including their imperfections - 4th week wednesday 2018

Jesus was not accepted in his own town by his own bolanos because they knew him – they knew his parents, they knew his standing in their town, they knew his family’s source of livelihood, their income, even their character, and perhaps even the dark secret of the family tree.  Indi bala ang aton pamilya which is not a perfect family has also some dark side – ang tiyo naton nga palasugal, ang pariente naton nga may kerida, ang wala-wala gid naton nga utod, ang cousin naton nga drug addict, etc, etc.  And because the people of Nazareth knew the family of Jesus they were inclined not to believe in him.  Probably they have biases on Jesus because they knew his real family and they knew that it was less than a perfect family.  And because of this Jesus could not do miracles there because of their lack of faith in him.  Sang seminarista kami amo ini ang rason kon ngaa ang pari wala gina-assign sa iya mismo parokya.  Well this is still followed as a general rule, although there were exemptio…

doing things for God and it will make things easier - 4th week tuesday 2018

There is something curious about this healing of the daughter of Jairus.  People were laughing at Jesus for they would not believe him when he said that the girl was only asleep.  Then Jesus did something unusual.  He brought with him the parents and the three disciples, Peter, James and John and entered the room of the girl.  All others were sent out.  But you will argue, tani gindala niya tanan ilabi na gid ang mga nagkadlaw sa iya para makita nila kon ano ang iya mahimo.  But Jesus kept things only to himself and his trusted disciples.  He does not want to be a show-off, he does not want to make a spectacle of what he can do.  He is the messiah, he is not a performer, he is not an artista.

for thou wilt light my candle - candelaria

"For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness." (Psalm 18:28 of the King James Version)
We find these words as we look up at the façade of the Chapel of Lights.It is located just beside the Jaro Cathedral a few steps away from the Shrine of Our Lady of Candles.This is where we have been lighting our candles for a year now in her honor.But what does it mean when we pray to God “thou wilt light my Candle”?What does it mean when we say, “The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness”?